Sea & Soil Tour 2019

Sea & Soil Tour 2019


October 27th 2019

9:30am – 5:00pm (Full Day Tour)


With over 2000km of rich agricultural land and 200km of coastline dotted with small harbours and bays, it is easy to understand why Wexford is known as the Model County. So join Lorraine O’Dwyer of Gallivanting Tours on a full day exploring Wexford and meeting some of the wonderful producers and growers that call this place their home.

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You board a bus in Enniscorthy town at 1798 Centre on Mill Road and you head off to Ballyminane Mill, one of the last commercial flour mills in Ireland still powered 100% by water. Captured in time and nestled in a small valley, this place is truly magical. Here you will meet the 3rd generation Miller, John Murphy who will guide you through the Mill, explaining the process at each step until you reach the huge and ancient Burr Stones. Here John opens the Sluice Gates and the building roars into life as the stones turn leaving you with freshly ground flour in your hand. You’ll receive a small bag to take home and try your hand at baking some traditional Irish Soda Bread.

Heading down further into Wexford our next stop is at Colclough Walled Gardens. These are the oldest walled Gardens in Ireland at 200 years old. Stunningly beautiful they produce an incredible amount of fruit and vegetables each year. The produce is bought by locals and visitors and surplus apples are sent to Ballycross Apple Farm to be made into Juice. Here head Gardener Alan will guide you through the gardens explaining the Georgian gardening practices which today we call organic.
You can pick a selection of the various Heritage Apples growing in the orchard and you may be lucky enough to try a pear from the oldest tree in the garden, 200 years old and still bearing fruit.

Stopping for lunch at an award-winning maritime pub you will enjoy thick bowls of creamy seafood chowder, a speciality of the region and brought here by the Medieval Knights that once ruled over Wexford.

Our final stop for the day is at Ballyhack Smokehouse. Here you will meet Micheal Walsh, a fisherman with almost 40 years experience on the trawlers he now owns an award-winning smokehouse. Here Micheal will explain the process, showing you how the fish is selected, salted and smoked in an 80 year old Smokehouse. The age of this Smokehouse means it takes three days to achieve a finished product instead of 3 hours in a modern smokehouse. This gives the fish its fabulous smoky and delicate flavour so renowned by seafood lovers everywhere! With samples to taste and bring home, you’ll have a new appreciation of this art leaving!

Finally it is time to return to Enniscorthy Your arms full of the gifts from the sea and soil!