A Symphony of Horror

A Symphony of Horror

October 29th – November 2nd

Tickets €15

Book on 053 9233000


A Symphony of Horror

Prepare for the fright of your life this Halloween at the Enniscorthy Halloween Festival as local drama group EDG perform Blood of Nosferatu at the Presentation Art Centre from 29th Oct to 2nd Nov at 8pm nightly.

A daring and scaring drama by playwright Darryl Pickett of a 1922 German film adaptation of Bram Stokers Dracula. The central character Thomas Harker is sent by his employers Walker and Halloman Solicitors to Transylvania to deal with one of their clients a Count Dracula.

When Harker mentions his destination to locals in the Carpathian Mountains they immediately become frightened and try to dissuade his from continuing his journey by night to Castle Dracula, saying that there is a werewolf on the prowl in the area!
Need I utter another word?

This is a daring new slant on the Stoker tale of the most famous vampire of all – Darryl Pickett`s Dracula drips with wit, social conscience and brooding paranoia. No romantic swooning here this is a horrific account of a corrupting force more terrifying than death.

Requiring a cast of 16 and a modular unit set, this is an ambitious but very rewarding play.

Book your tickets now at the Presentation Centre and don`t miss this most unusual Production directed by Tom Reddy with acclaimed actor Ronan P Byrne as Dracula and a large local cast this will have you on the edge of your seats or clinging to the person next to you in terror!

Well after all, it is Halloween.