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Enniscorthy/New Ross/Wexford/Gorey

Our food Tours run regularly throughout the year, each one is unique. What you will see on your day of gastro gallivanting all depends on the season, any special events on at that time and what food provider has something special to show.


You can expect to visit a minimum of three sites per tour peppered with stops at some of out famed independently owned farm shops, grocers or bakeries.


You will visit three of the following food producers:


Ballyminane Mill– a 200 year old flour mill, one of the last to grind flour by stone in Ireland. Your tour is given by the miller himself who will take you through the process step by step as you wander around this enchanting and ancient mill


O’Neills Dry Cure Bacon – Winner of too many awards to count, this family owned operation dry cures bacon by hand in the traditional way, no added water or phosphates only great tasting bacon. See how on a visit to their small factory and meet the team behind it all.


Ballyhack Smoked Salmon – 5 generations of experience has made Ballyhack Smoked Salmon the best in the South East of Ireland. Only by using an 80 year old smokehouse and a traditional salting recipe and method, ensures that distinctive traditional smoky flavour  that simply cannot be replicated by modern smokehouses.


Colclough Walled Gardens – The oldest walled kitchen garden in Ireland, those of you that grow your own will be fascinated by the Georgian methods used by the resident gardeners . No pesticides or herbicides had been invented 200 years ago, find out how they managed on a visit here.


Cleverman Brewery – Craft beers have seen a serious revival in recent years, Malcolm and Andrea run the Cleverman Brewery in Wexford Town, with 3 distinctive beers and one stout to taste. Malcolm will explain the brewing process and how they source their ingredients while you sample the beers themselves


Macamore Buffalo Farm – On a visit to Macamore Buffalo Farm your tour will allow you to get up close with these gentle beasts as Farmer Liam explains the benefits of buffalo meat over beef.


Wheelocks Strawberry Farm – Since the 1930s Wexford has been synonymous with Strawberries, the familiar stands scattered across the roads of Wexford mark the start of summer. But have you ever wondered why Wexford grows such good strawberries? Find out more on this tour of a strawberry farm, with a chance to pick a few of your own along the way!


Regans Organic Farm – Explore this pretty organic farm with one of the Regan family as they explain why organic is not just better for us, but also better for the animals and the environment and at the same time, get up close with goats, hens and sheep for a very special kind of food tour!


What’s Included?


Each tour is small with a minimum of 6 people and an absolute maximum of 12 people per tour


  • Your price includes access to the food producers on a smaller intimate tour of their premises along with a sample to take home.
  • A luxury vehicle that will take you on a scenic drive across Wexford’s lush rolling green agricultural landscape with plenty of stories and commentary along the way.
  • Cooler and chill storage for any purchases you may make on the day.
  • Tour lasts a full day


As mentioned earlier, as we travel across Wexford we will have the opportunity to stop at some of our finest butchers, grocers, bakeries and farm shops


And when we stop for lunch it will be at one of the ambassadors for the Wexford Food Family, serving delicious locally sourced food. Lunch is not included in the price to allow you to take advantage of the the seasonal menus


Once you have booked your tour, get in contact with Lorraine to agree your collection time and location which can be your nearest Tourist Office or in some group cases your accommodation.



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