The Best Way to get to know Wexford- Taste Wexford Food Tour

Taste of Wexford Food Tour gives you the opportunity to taste some of the best food Wexford has to offer

Wexford, since the 1800s has been known as the “Model County” this nickname came about as we here in Wexford were the first to introduce new ways of farming, this reputation has carried on to today, however now it isn’t just farming we are modelled on!

Wexford is one of the most fertile counties in Ireland, lush green and lucky enough to have higher rates of sunshine than elsewhere on the island. It is no wonder that we have 100s of Berry and fruit farms feeding the rest of the country!

We also have a higher than average rate of Organic Farms, an abundance of Beef and Dairy Farms, along with literally hundreds of fields yielding a wide variety of crops from vegetables to grains.

And our seafood industry is highly renowned, Kilmore Quay a tiny village of thatched cottages provides much of the seafood eaten in the south east, with fresh seafood being shipped as far as Dublin daily from the fish markets here.

It is no wonder, with all this going on, for hundreds of years, that we have such a strong population of artisan food providers! Our Taste of Wexford Food Tour give you the opportunity to do just that, taste some of the best food this island has to offer!

O’Neills Dry Cure Bacon Company

Bacon has gotten a lot of bad press in recent times, talk of additives and preservatives and loaded with salt. Well at O’Neills Dry Cure Bacon Company we return to Bacon as it was prepared in the past.

Using ethically farmed pork, a curing salt made from a secret family recipe and a small team of dedicated staff, the bacon here is indescribably good!

O’Neills Dry Cure Bacon has won numerous prestigious awards, is highly acclaimed by food critics and is the chosen bacon of many of the top chefs in Ireland.

Discover for yourself on this exclusive tour of the O’Neills Dry Cure Bacon Company, what the difference is between Wet and Dry Cure Bacon, why they don’t use phosphates, why their bacon doesn’t shrink and why it tastes so good!

The tour lasts approx 1 hour and includes tasting samples and a complimentary 300grm packet of their award-winning dry cure traditional Irish “Rashers”

Ballyminane Mill

Our next stop is at Ballyminane Mill. Built in 1832 and owned by the same family for generations this Mill is still powered by water from the local river which turns the huge Mill wheels that grind locally grown wheat into stone-ground flour, a key ingredient in many traditional Irish breads, like our iconic Irish Soda Bread.

The Mill is untouched by modern technology, everything is as it was the day the mill was built. On this exclusive access tour, you will meet the current Care Taker, John Murphy, who will explain his families work over the centuries, and bring you on a tour of the mill, explaining this age-old process. The rumble of the wheel and the whoosh of the water as the wheel turns is quite a humbling experience.

Unlike many museums, here you can touch and feel the past, the old scales, the trapdoors worn away smooth with the many working hands, the stooped doorways and sense of time standing still.

The benefits of stone-ground flour are many, by the end of your tour you will be itching to start baking!

Lunch and a little shopping

From Enniscorthy we cross some of the most picturesque agricultural scenery to arrive in New Ross just in time for a little lunch.

The Cracked Teapot is one of the best places to enjoy lunch in the whole county, using local products as much as possible, always organic, free-range and fresh, the menu here is fantastic. A blend of traditional soups and sandwiches with more contemporary dishes available too. O’Neills Bacon and Ballyminane Flour, of course, feature heavily!

The Cracked Teapot is a celebration of the best traditional Irish foods!

New Ross is home of the Wexford Food Family, a network of food producers set up to support and cross-promote each other’s brands.

And so it is the perfect place to indulge in a little shopping! A visit to The Bakehouse and the Full & Plenty Farm Shop is a must.

You can purchase a wide range of items from soda breads, tea bracks and scones to locally made cheese, chutney, preserves, chocolate, smoked salmon, handmade farmhouse butter, raw milk and so much more

At the Bakehouse, Sean and Barbra will be happy to tell you about their baked goods and let you sample some brack, a rich fruitcake that has been eaten in Ireland since the medieval era

Jolly, proprietor of the Full & Plenty Farmshop can advise on their selection of cheeses while telling you the story behind every other product she stocks. Much of the fruit and vegetable are sourced from local growers and even foragers

Cleverman Brewery Tour

Finally, we head back towards Wexford Town having done an almost loop of the entire county. Our final stop of the day is the Cleverman Brewery. Owned by husband and wife team Malcolm and Andrea, and building on their years of experience in the pub trade, they opened their small craft brewery in 2010. It has been building up a loyal fan base since then.

With four signature brews, each one named after a “clever man” these beers are as full of character as the brewery itself.

An Amber Ale, a Kolsch style beer, a turf smoked Stout and in honour of Andreas US roots in Chicago, an American Pale Ale.

Your tour will include samples of each as Malcolm explains their ingredients, the inspiration for each one, and the brewing process involved.

Afterwards, you will receive 2 complimentary bottles of your favourite brew!

What Taste of Wexford Food Tour includes

Luxury Vehicle to Transport you across the county

Chill Storage for any purchases made

Insightful Gallivanting Guide

Exclusive Access to O’Neills Dry Cure Bacon Tour plus tasting samples and 300gm pack

Exclusive Access to Ballyminane Mill with a private tour conducted by the Miller himself and a bag of Stoneground flour to take home

Shopping opportunity at The Bakehouse and Full & Plenty Farm Shop

Beer Tasting and Brewery Tour of the Cleverman Brewery with 2 bottles to take home

Taste Wexford Food Tour Price: Only €180 per person

Lunch is not included to allow you to take full advantage of the seasonal menu at The Cracked Teapot and indulge in a little dessert should you choose!

Available Thursday and Friday

Minimum group size 4

For any queries or extra information contact Lorraine: