Salty Malty and Sweet Wexford Food Tour

A fabulous Wexford local products tour

When it comes to food, I must confess to being truly indulgent and for me, the perfect combination is salty and sweet. I cannot think of anything more delicious than Bean and Goose Milk Chocolate with Smoked Irish Seasalt and Cocoa Nibs. It is utterly delicious and totally impossible to take a piece and leave the rest for later!

It’ s the same with O’Neills Dry Cure Bacon. Waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of thick salty rashers of bacon wafting through the house is amazing. The smell alone helps ease a foggy morning after head!

And why would your head by foggy? Well, that would be down to my local bar serving Cleverman Beer! In particular for me, their 12ft Under Amber Ale!

Combine the three and its a match made in heaven! Check out what you can expect on the Salty Malty and Sweet Tour!

What would you be doing in this incredible Wexford Food Trail

Bean & Goose Chocolate

Sisters Karen and Natalie began making chocolate back in 2014, from their farmhouse in the scenic and beautiful rural countryside just outside Ferns Village.

They began by using the traditional methods of hand tampering the chocolate on marble slabs, and experimenting with flavours grown in their kitchen garden and foraged on the lanes surrounding the farmhouse.

Selling at first at various farmers markets and Artisan Food Fairs, in a very short time they became a staple in the Dublin Street Food Scene, growing their business, finding suppliers and creating a firm following of loyal chocolate lovers.

Today, Bean & Goose, supplies to stores across Ireland, and their online chocolate tasting club sends chocolate bars across the world for people to enjoy.

Today, they still practice in much the same way, using only single origin chocolate infused with ingredients and flavours that reflect the Irish seasons.

From the countryside lanes heavy with elderflower, lovage, gorse and blackberries or their herb garden full of lavender, mint, bay, fennel, rosemary and thyme and the summer fruits and orchard trees that grow in abundance in Wexford and edible flowers such as violas, marigolds, borage and scented roses. Their creations are more than just chocolate bars, but actual works of culinary art.

This Wexford food tour includes an intimate 2-hour workshop with Karen Keane herself, in the kitchen of the Farmhouse.

Here you will sample some of their most popular bars in milk, dark and white chocolate. You will learn how the chocolate is tempered, how to select the right ingredients and flavour combinations.

You will also have the opportunity to create your own bar of chocolate, under Karen’s watchful eye, coming up with your own combinations of ingredients.

Finally, when you are finished your Wexford food Tour, assuming it hasn’t been eaten already (!) your bar will be wrapped and placed in a gift box along with two other bars from their limited edition range to take home.


Leaving Bean and Goose behind us, we travel on to the busy and bustling town of Enniscorthy. Passing over the Slaney river and up past the Castle to The Wilds for a spot of lunch.

The Wilds is an award winning Cafe, Craft & Design Shop, showcasing some of the best food in the county.

The Menu focuses on local produce and taking advantage of our strong organic and free range farming practices. Fresh baking, great coffee, seasonal salads to die for, light and fluffy quiches with Wexford Cheddar, delectable sourdough sandwiches and so much more.

You can even purchase some of their relishes and sauces to take away on display along with more Bean & Goose Chocolate!

O’Neills Dry Cure Bacon

After lunch its time to move on to the salty part of our tour! When butchers, farmers and Irish Mammies all agree on a product, you know its got to be good! O’Neills Dry Cure Bacon is made using only traditional methods, and all by hand using a unique secret family recipe (All we know is that it contains Atlantic sea salt and a little sugar!) As there are no added phosphates and certainly no added water, there is no shrinkage in the pan, just extra flavour!

Pat and Mary O’Neill are purists, and have extremely high standards, this is evident when you see the sheer number of food awards they have won. While number one in Wexford, the rest of the country is only just catching on. So discover O’Neills Bacon before everyone else!

Your tour, lead by Mary O’Neill herself, takes you through not just the curing process, but also how some bacon is smoked and some turned into Bacon Jam. You will also discover what goes into their delicious black and white puddings and tasty sausages. Your tour will finish with some samples served the best way, a simple “Bacon Buttie” along with a little bacon to bring home!


Leaving Enniscorthy we head towards Wexford town, but en route we’ll make a quick stop at Kates Farm Shop. This is one of the three fantastic farmshops we have across the county. You can pick up some locally made jams, preserves and chutneys along with cheeses, cooked meats and a great selection of freshly baked breads. There is also a great selection of seasonal fruits to choose from too


Our Final Destination is the Drew Fox Brewery in Wexford Town, home of the Cleverman Ales. Here husband and wife team, Malcolm and Andrea, have created a select range of 4 divine Craft Beers. A Kolsch style beer, a full bodied amber ale, an American pale ale and gorgeously rich turf smoked stout.

Drew Fox Brewing is Wexford’s newest Irish Craft Brewery and was founded by Malcolm and Andrea Molloy. Malcolm, a Dublin native, lived in the USA for many years and met his Texan wife Andrea in Chicago. The couple own a pub in Chicago called The Grafton Pub & Grill.

Their love of craft beer developed in the windy city. Malcolm and Andrea moved to Ireland with their three kids in 2010 and relocated to Wexford in the sunny southeast. Cleverman Ales can now be found in many bars across Wexford and beyond.

You can enjoy samples of each as Malcolm explains the story behind each bottle, the ingredients, the brewing methodology and the clever men that each Cleverman Beer is named after! Afterwards, you can choose two bottles of your favourite to take home, and you can also purchase more if you choose!

What’s Included

Luxury Vehicle to Transport you across the county

Chill Storage for any purchases made

Insightful Gallivanting Guide

2 Hour Artisan Chocolate Workshop

2 Bean and Goose Bars plus your own creation!

Dry Cure Bacon Tour plus tasting samples and 300gm pack

Drew Fox Brewery Tour plus samples and 2 bottles to take home

Lunch at The Wilds

Shopping opportunity at Kates Farm Shop and The Wilds

What is the price of this Wexford Food Tour

€180 per person

Lunch is included in this package

Available the 2nd and last Friday of every month

For any queries or extra information about this Wexford Food Tour contact Lorraine:




And incredible #Tastewexford experience.